Inspired by wide range of art from the past from Italian majolicas and Renaissance terracotta busts to the oriental nature paintings of China, Korea and Japan, Elżbieta Stanhope's painted vases, plates and sculptures find their own way of reliving past traditions and making them contemporary and her own...

Andrzej Maria Borkowski, Art Critic

Elżbieta Marylska-Łuszczewska Stanhope

Potter and ceramic artist

Elżbieta Marylska-Łuszczewska Stanhope is a potter and ceramicist, born in Pęcice, Poland, who was raised in an artistic milieu, with both parents being notable painters.

She read English literature at Lublin and Warsaw Universities, attending art school for a sabbatical year in the Polish capital under Professor Stanislaw Kuzminski before her university studies there.

Having moved to England, she freelanced for the Polish section of the BBC at Bush House, also teaching Polish at the Polytechnic of Central London.

For the past thirty years, she has devoted her time to making and exhibiting ceramics.

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